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NBAA News Hour Webinar Series

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A successful business leader in the New York metropolitan area, Edgar Alacan lives in Lake Como, New Jersey, and works as the co-founding managing director of the private jet charter company in New York City. Among his other professional affiliations, Edgar Alacan holds active membership in the National Business Aviation Association.

Since 1947, the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) has been dedicated to supporting the health of the business aviation industry in America and around the globe. Beyond its other educational initiatives and events, the NBAA reaches out to business aviation professionals and the general public through its helpful and informative News Hour webinar series.

Featuring both live webinars and an archive of recorded webinars, the NBAA News Hour platform provides access to business aviation authorities and experts who offer essential guidance on matters such as airspace operations, airport management, aircraft maintenance, and aviation industry human resources. Covering a range of legal and regulatory matters, the NBAA News Hour presented the webinar “Is Your Aircraft LLC Insurable?” on July 20, 2023.